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Hi guys!

If you are interested in online guitar lessons, here's how it works!


Open to beginners, intermediate and advanced. Note that for beginners, the lessons will still be done with contemporary acoustic as a goal. (aka we will not play 4 chords rock tunes :) 



1 hour:   50$ USD
2 hours:  90$ USD
3 hours:  120$ USD


If you buy a discount package, the hours can be used anytime you'd like, schedule allowing!



- We will use Skype, Zoom, FB messenger or even Discord so you need to be able to use any one of those;

- A webcam and decent microphone;

- Viable audio speakers-headphones (headphones prefered as there is feedback/looping with speakers!);

- Payment via Paypal; (if you don't have an account you can still pay anonymously with a credit card)

- Your guitar;

- Patience and willpower.



Erik Mongrain, Acoustic Guitarist, Musician

-The Lessons-

The lessons can be about anything you want, as long as it is not theory! For me, everything is about instinct and what ''makes sense''. We'll tailor the sessions to -your- needs and goals.

Gear questions,composition process, my percussive approach, strumming methods, specific moves, help structure your songs, help you with any of my tunes, laptapping, arpeggios, rhythm, how to maximize your playability with setup or playing, etc.. Anything goes really, just ask!



           Email               Me!


We will schedule it so it works for both of us; (Time zones matter! I'm in Montreal, QC. That's Eastern time (UTC-05:00) US-Canada)

If you live in or around Montreal we can do it live at my place.


-Payments & Cancellations-

- Payments must be made in full to my Paypal address ( least 24 hours before the lesson takes place.


- If no payment is done by then, I will take that as a cancellation and no lesson will take place. We can reschedule if need be!


- If there is a last minute thing that prevents me or you to proceed to the lesson at the given time and we can't contact each other, we will reschedule at a latter time.


- If you do not want to reschedule for any reasons, I will refund you.


- If internet goes crazy and unstable, we will reschedule.


See you all soon!

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