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New year, June 2022 Recording & streaming news

First and foremost I want to wish everyone happy 2022! Let's hope it beats 2021 on all points, we need a damn break :)


New target to record my 4th album: June 2022! The plan is still to do it in Italy with my good friend Stefano Barone. Assuming covid and all it's @#!(*& variants calm down in the next few months, should be clear to do the work! If all goes well it should be up for grabs by the end of July. Tabs will follow afterwards!

My stream has resumed for the past few months so in the meantime, if you feel like listening to what's in the works and whatnot, tune in weekdays, early afternoon (EST) !

Live Streaming

Tune in on my Twitch/Youtube and FB Live channel every week day from anywhere between 11 am till 3 pm (eastern) to spend a live moment with me! 


Online Guitar Lessons

Want to learn with me? Click on the ''Lessons'' tab up there to learn more or just email me: info@erikmongrain.com 

Any levels of skill are accepted, so long as you want to learn contemporary acoustic guitar! :)

See you soon!

Erik Mongrain, Acoustic Guitarist, Musician
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