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-What's New?-

I wrote the first 2 songs of this album  (''Atlas'' & ''Helios'') in between 2012-2014 and over the years slowly composed more tunes to record one day.

I kept alive 9 of them through the years but one of them turned out to be very allergic to microphones and I ended up shelving it for now so we now have 8.

I know, slow composer right :P More was written during these years but if it's not here, it just wasn't good enough!

Covid got in the way of course..

Original plan was 2020! We planned again for me to go to Italy over 10 days early 2022, life got in the way again, we discovered Audiomovers and decided we would try to do it long distance.

I learned a lot with Stefano in the last few weeks and I am very happy with what we've produced here.. hope you guys love it as well!

I'm off to write the sheet music now :)

Live Streaming

I should resume streaming within the next few weeks once the tabs for Tempo are done! Early afternoon on weekdays on Twitch-FB-youtube!


Guitar Lessons

Want to learn with me? Click on the ''Lessons'' tab up there to learn more or just email me: 

Any levels of skill are accepted, so long as you want to learn contemporary acoustic guitar! :)

See you soon!

Erik Mongrain Tempo Album 2022
Erik Mongrain, Acoustic Guitarist, Musician
Erik Mongrain, Acoustic Guitarist, Musician
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