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Now streaming weekly on Twitch TV!

Hey guys!

I was thinking about guitar videos/teasers and all that and I figured that simply streaming what I am currently working and/or bits and pieces of my new tunes would be more interactive and fun :) I am a gamer at heart, always been so I figured Twitch's a good place to do so. (I do play Heroes of the Storm nowadays, might stream a bit of that every now and then too!)

Will definitely take questions about anything pertaining to acoustic guitars, techniques, compositions, etc... Feel free to ask! (No song requests though, this is not a show!) Streaming time to be determined might just be random and announced on FB prior :) Make sure you hit the FOLLOW button to receive an email when I am about to stream!


Holiday specials, teasers incoming and next album!

Hey guys! I figured I’d do some specials for the holidays, it’s that time of the year right! From today until January 1st 2015 here are the bundles… (Only available from my website of course!)

NOTE: Upon purchasing any of the following, I will email you to ask you what is your freebie choice. Make sure you check your inbox/junk box or contact me directly here if you don’t get the email:

  • Buy 1 Tab book (40$) and get a second one free!

  • Buy 1 of my 3 albums (Mp3 format only, from 8.91$ to 10$) and get a second one free!

  • Buy 2 single tabs (5$ each, so 10$ total) and get a third one free!

On another note, I will be releasing one or 2 new video teasers for my upcoming album Tempo this winter on my youtube channel. Recording sessions for my 4th album is due for April and/or May so you can definitely expect the release to be out early summer! Stay tuned!

Still at work composing & more!

Hey guys! Thought I’d write you all something here since it’s been a while. Wanted to let you all know what I’ve been doing in the past few months, which is pretty straightforward really: composing new tunes!

The funds I’ve gotten through my Indiegogo campaign have kept me afloat to do that and I’m still really grateful for every single contribution I’ve gotten! I now have 4 tunes ready and currently working on a 5th one. All in all, I should be able to record my 4th release at the end of this year or spring 2015, it depends on the amount of actual inspiration I can work with!

I have very few live gigs planned for 2014 but you will be able to find them in the Concerts tab whenever some are planned. (Note that some of those are with the 30 Fingers.) Some gigs are in the air as far as Italy and Canada goes, but that remains to be seen My main focus is on writing right now.

Thanks guys and remember that you can always reach me on Facebook!

Erik’s campaign on Indiegogo was a success!

Thanks to all my wonderful fans who contributed, I have reached my target and even exceeded it by 2%! What you all offered me is much more than money, it’s peace of mind!

You all truly rock, I cannot thank you enough!

I will release another teaser in September, longer one this time, should be around 1 minute and a half or so. It will be posted as soon as it’s ready!

Thanks guys , from the bottom of my heart, you all keep me afloat during these hard times.

Forward contest is over

Hey guys!

When I launched ‘Forward’ in August 2012, I really thought that the contest would help sales and that it was a good incentive overall for people to buy it instead of downloading it for free on the net. I guess I did not count the fact that internet/social medias marketing and the importance of momentum and/or viral videos had taken over by a large margin since ‘Equilibrium’s release in 2008…

The sales have been tedious to say the least and the amount of actual entries to the contest is quite low. There are still 350/2500 people who’ve entered the code and it would not feel right to just void the raffle and not give anything to anyone!

I will randomly pick around 15 winners and award a few Skype guitar lessons + a couple of tablature book and/or wav format albums. I know T-Shirts were part of the prizes but since the sales and entries were rather abysmal, I can’t afford to print a batch of them at the moment. Hopefully I can remedy to that in the near future!

All winners will be contacted via email, so check your inboxes!

Also, from now on the bonus laptapping track, ‘Rewind’, will be made available to all as a free download in .wav format on my website here and on my Facebook Bandpage app here.

Thanks for entering and supporting me guys!

Signed CDs now available!

Now offering signed CDs through the mail! Some people still prefer hard copies/CDs and that’s understandable. If you wish to purchase any of my albums, I will personally sign it and mail it to you! Price is 15$US or CAN for any of the CDs/albums. Shipping costs varies depending on your location, so do not hesitate to drop me a line for any inquiries.

Write me here:

Guitar Lessons!

There are now multiple packages for my Skype guitar lessons: 50$ gets you 1 hour, 90$ gets you 2 hours and 120$ gets you 3! Hours bought can be used at any time you wish and at any length you want. Visit the Lessons page for more info!

Concerts for 2013 & "Thirty Fingers"

I am now without managers and working on my own. Many things have changed lately for me and for 2013 I am planning to play for the most part, if not exclusively (exceptions happen of course) in Quebec and the surroundings. It is much simpler for me seeing as I have to book everything myself now.

I will be at RIDEAU from February 17th till the 21st. RIDEAU is a convention for all of Quebec’s promoters and venue owners, which should net me quite a few gigs around.

Also, me and my 2 good friends JJ Coolidge & Justin St-Pierre will be trying to get a trio together and play a few gigs around. ‘’Thirty Fingers’’, more info on the trio soon!